These are all Executable File. You are requested to Download and run it for the benefit of farmers 




Click on the link to download the package of practices ( In Hindi)

  1. Main File.

  2. Introduction.

  3. Grow Rice.

  4. Rice Management.

  5. Kisan Ke Mita.

  6. Weed Management.

  7. Insect Management.

  8. Disease Management.

  9. Development Team for the Software.

Guidelines for the use of  Package

System Requirements 

Minimum requirements : Pentium II 133 MHz-32MB RAM
(Recommended : P II 200 MHz-64MB RAM
or higher)

Screen Resolution : 800 x 600 high Colour (16-bit)
(Recommended : 800 x 600 true Colour (24-bit)

Operating System : Windows 9x, 2000 or Windows NT2000
or above