TENDER /VACANCY/ EOI/ Transfer Posting

S No. Particulars


Bid Document

Document 1

Document 2 

33 Seniority List -Koti 1 Letter with Details
32. Results of Manager-cum-Coordinator under NeGP Score Sheet
31. Gradation List (koti-3)- Rasayan  List with Letter
30. Invitation of bids for INM/IPM during Kharif/Rabi 2015-16 PR Notice  Bid Document 
29. EOI for Rice Seed Production - BGREI PRD Document  Bid Document
28. Tender for Certified & Hybrid Seed during 2015-16 Bid Document
27. Proceeding for Empanelment of Resource Organization  Proceeding
26. Seniority List of Koti-3 (Chemistry- Rasayan) List with Letter
25. Seniority List of Koti-9 (Statistics) List with Letter
24. Seniority List of Koti-1 (Crops) List with Letter
23. Seniority List of Weights & Measure (Koti-8) List 
22. Plant Protection Seniority List (Koti-5) Letter with List
21. Recruitment State Seed Certification Agency, Jharkhand  PR News Document with Format
20. EOI for Monitoring and Evaluation under RKVY Document
19. Tender for Sugarcane Crusher Bid Document
18. Krishi Card Tender Bid Document
17. Tender for Supply of Certified/ Hybrid Seed during Kharif/Rabi (2015-16) PRD News Bid Document
16 Vacancy for the Post of Manager cum Coordinator under NeGP-A at Directorate of Agriculture, Krishi Bhawan, Kanke Road, Ranchi PR Notice  Document 

Revised Date of Interview

15. List of NGOs to submit their objections (if any) before 17.9.2014  List of NGO
14. Affidavit Format for NGO  Document
13 Tender for House keeping Services at SAMETI PR Notice  Bid Document
12 Tender for providing  Fooding Facility at SAMETI PR Notice 
11. EOI for Security Services at SAMETI PR Notice  Bid Document
10. Tender for Hire of Vehicle at SAMETI PR Notice  Bid Document
9. Certified/ Hybrid Seed Notice Bid Document
8. Proceeding related to Seed (kharif)  15.4.2014 13.06.2014
7. Tender for Certified and Hybrid Seeds under Contingent Crop Plan Short Notice  Bid Document
6. Short- EOI for Notified Hybrid under RKVY during Kharif/Rabi 2014-15 Notice 
5. Re- Tender for EOI for area and productivity increase project under RKVY during Kharif/Rabi 2014-15 PR Notice  Minutes of Pre Bid
4. Empanelment of Resource Organization PR Notice 
3. EOI for supply of INM/IPM input for Augmenting production and productivity during 2014-15 PRD News Bid Document


Corrigendum II

Proceeding of Pre-Bid

2. EOI for area and productivity increase project under RKVY during Kharif/Rabi 2014-15 PRD News Bid Document

Notice on bid opening 

1. Invitation of Bid for supply of Certified Seeds in Kharif and Rabi, 2014-15 PR News Bid Document
31. Transfer Posting - BAO and Equivalent  O.O [25]  [26] O. O. [27]  [28]

O. O  [29]

30. EOI for Fencing Work at Block Horticulture Nursery, Namkum  Bid Document

29 EOI for maintainacne of exotic vegetable demon farm at Bero  Bid Document
28 Tender for construction of Office Room, Store Room cum Guard Room for Model Exotic Vegetable Demonstration Farm, Bero, Ranchi at S.M Farm, Bero, Ranchi Bid Document 
27. Tender for Construction of Boundary Wall for Horticulture Nursery in Block Campus Namkum, Ranchi.   Bid Document 
26. EOI for Management & Maintenance of Model Exostic Vegetable Demonstration farm at Bero Block  Bid Document 
25. EOI for Demonstration and Maintenance of Horticulture Nursery, Namkum - District Horticulture Office, Ranchi Notice 
24. EOI for Nursery at Namkum [Maintenance  of flower] Bid Document
23. Tender for Model Exostic Vegetable Demonstration Farm  Bid Document
22. Tender Notice for Establishment of Hitech Nursery at S M Farm Chaibasa Bid Document
21. Tender Notice for Certified Seed (Wheat, Gram, Lentil etc) for Rabi Notice  Bid Document
20. Walk in Interview for the post of Manager-cum-Coordinator and Asst. Programmer under NeGP PR Notice  Document 
19. Tender Paper for NeGP-A Notice  Bid Document

Revised Dates \ Pdf


18. Advertisement about Gajar Grass Awareness Campaign 

Advertisement Matter

17. Short Tender for Urad, Arhar, Maize, Moong & Toria P R Notice  Bid Document
16. Selection of Technical Assistant (TA) under NFSM List of Selected Candidates

Letter for Selected Candidates

Posting of Technical Assistant

15. Notice for Quotation from interested organization for arrangement in Krishi Expo-2013 at New Delhi Notice 
14. Interview date for the post of Agril. economist/ Statistician under RKVY PR Notice 
15. Re- EOI for Fooding at SAMETI P. R Notice  Bid Document
14 Technical Assistant under NFSM (Rice & Pulses) P R Notice Document

Interview Date Notice 

13. Re- invitation of bid for Furnishing of Training Center under NeGP-A Document

Bid Document

12. Re-Invitation for Bid for Notified Hybrid Seeds (Sunflower, Mustard and Songhum)  PR Notice  Bid Document   Revised bid Document  Corrigendum
11. Invitation for application for the post of CEO, Organic Farming Authority of Jharkhand  P.R. Notice  Document 

Revised Document 

Date Extended to 16.9.2013

10 Results of Walk in Interview held under NFSM (4.4.2013) Results  Letter to Selected Candidates 
9. Invitation of bid for Furnishing of Training Center under NeGP-A PR News Bid Document
8. Short Term Tender for Seed Dressing Drum  PR Notice Document 

Bid Document 

7. EOI for Foundation to Certified Seed  PR Notice Document
6. Invitation of Bid for Complete supply of INM/IPM  PR Notice  Document 
5. EOI for fooding Facility at SAMETI PR News Document 
4. Invitation of Application for the post of Director, SAMETI P. R Notice  Document 

Revised Document

Date Extended to 10.6.2013
3. Invitation of Application for various post in Jharkhand State Seed Corporation Limited  PR Notice  Document 
2. Open Tender for Hire of Vehicle PRD News Bid Document
1. Jansewak List ( District wise/ 1 year/2 year trained/ untrained


82. Final Term Sheet of WBCIS Kharif-2013 PADDY PRD News MAIZE
81. Invitation of Bids for Supply of Notified Hybrid Seed PR Notice  Bid Document Corrigendum 
80 Invitation  of Bids for supply of Certified Seeds  PR Notice  Bid Document
79. Re EOI for 25 STL on PPP Mode  PR notice  Bid Document
78 Tender Document from Weights & Measure   Document
77. Tender for Various Items of Exotic Vegetable Center at S. M. Farm, Bero, Ranchi Plant Germination Chamber Climate Controlled Polycarbonate Greenhouse Naturally Ventilated Poly House  Shade Net house 
76 Tender for Purchase of Machinery/ Equipment under Weights & Measure PR Notice  Document
75. EOI for Soil Testing Lab PR Notice  Bid Document 
74. Recruitment of Sr. Technical Assistant under NFSM PR Notice  Application Format & Affidavit Notice for Interview date (4.5.2013)
73. Recruitment of State/District Consultant under NFSM PR Notice  Application Form and Affidavit 
72. Notice for Applicant for the Post of Agril. Economist/ Agril. Statistician under RKVY (PR No. 50476) Notice  Agriculture Economist  Agriculture Statistician 
71. Vegetable Seed Production under NHM - Notice  Notice 
70. Last date of Joining for Newly selected BTM/SMS under Reserve Category  Notice 
69. Cancellation of recruitment process for the Post of DPD (P.R No. 45197 (Agril) 2011-12) Important Notice 
68. Tender for Supply of Certified seeds (Wheat, Gram, Mustard, Lentil, Pea, Linseed, Sunflower, Barley etc.)  PRD News Bid Document
67. Walk in Interview for Project Director (MMKKY) Notice 
66. Posting BTM & SMS for Reserve Category (2.8.2012) PRD News BTM SMS Notice  for BTM and SMS (23.8.12)

Information for BTM/ SMS  


List of NGO to be considered for Empanelment 

( NGOS are requested to Submit their objections if any on or before 3.8.2012 at SAMETI Office) 

List of NGOS
64 Tender for Certified Seed against Contingent Crop Planning (Arhar, Urad, Moong, Soyabean, Maize & Tori)  PRD News Bid Document
63. Result of BTM/ SMS BTM SMS
62. Tender for Renovation and Up gradation of Existing Website of SAMETI.  P.R.D. News (52377 (Agril) 12-13, dated:  8.6.12) Bid Document  Pre-bid Proceeding Tender will be opened on 3.7.2012 at 11 AM  
61. Selection for the Post of Dy. Director and PD, ATMA  P.R. D News ( 52171(Agril) 12-13, dated: 3.6.2012)  Notice 
60. Short Term Re-EOI for Fruit, Graft, Gutti, Maintenance and Operationalisatioon under Horticulture Directorate  PRD News Bid Document
59 Tender for Dolomite / Lime Stone  PRD News Bid Document  Corrigendum
58. Proposed Term Sheet of WBCIS Programme - Directorate of Agriculture  Letter | Notice  Paddy | Maize | Groundnut Redgram | Greengram  Blackgram
57. Invitation of Bids for Supply , Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of Seed Processing Equipments in Jharkhand  PRD News (50847, Dated: 13.4.2012) Bid Document  Corrigendum Corrigendum II
56. Eligible Candidates for Interview  PRD News Dy. Director | PD Dy. PD  BTM | SMS
55. Newly Selected Candidates from Waiting List for posting BTM SMS
54. Recruitment under Agriculture Data Collection Cell  PRD News (50476, 27.3.2012) Application Form 
53. Tender for Supply of Certified Seed during Rabi PRD News (50069, Dated: 13.3.2012) Bid Document 
52 Tender for Hire of Vehicle at SAMETI PRD News (52422, dated: 25.3.2012) Bid Document
51 Agriculture Implement Tender - Soil Conservation Opening of Financial Bid   on 22.3.2012 
50. EOI for Supply of INM/ IPM input under NFSM PRD News (50148, dated: 17.3.2012) Bid Document Corrigendum (27.3.12)
49 EOI for Notified Hybrid Rice, Sunflower, Mustard & Maize  PRD News (49828, dated: 5.3.12) Bid Document
48. Re-EOI for Plant Resource Center (Ranchi, Hazaribagh, Jamtara & Deoghar)  Bid Document
47. Re-EOI for Fruit, Graft, Gutti, Maintenance and Operationalisatioon under Horticulture Directorate  Bid Document
46. Merit List of Technical Assistant under NFSM(Category Wise)  UR | SC | STBC1 | BCII Waiting List (ALL)
45. EOI for Fruit, Graft, Gutti, Maintainance and Operationalisatioon under Horticulture Directorate  Bid Document 
44. Scrutinized List of Candidates for Different Posts  BTM SMS PRD Notice
43 EOI for Plant Resource Center (Ranchi, Hazaribagh, Jamtara and Deoghar) under Directorate of Horticulture  Document
42 Scrutinized List of Candidates for Different Posts Dy Director  Project Director Dy. Project Director  PRD Notice 
41. 3rd Empanelment List of NGO List of NGOs
40. Invitation of bids for processing machinery under INSIMP PRD Notice  Bid Document
39. Tender Invitation for Jharkhand Krishi Card  PRD News  Bid Document   Corrigendum  Bid Evaluation Meeting to be held on 11.1.2012 at 4 PM
38. Candidates selected from Waiting List (BTM & SMS)  SMS-Last Date for Joining 25.11.2011 BTM- Last date for Joining 28.11.2011 Notice for New Selected Candidates for BTM/ SMS from Waiting List  Posting of BTMSMS from Waiting List
37. General Guidelines for DPR Preparation on Organic Farming  Proforma